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Here's a breakdown of the entire 6-week training curriculum:

Digital Marketing Certificate

Receive a digital Marketing Certificate for display on your website to inform colleagues or potential employers of your achievement.

Your personalized, high resolution digital certificate is supplied by upon course completion.

Seal of Professionalism

Display the Academy's Certified Trust Seal on your website to enhance credibility and notify colleagues and potential employers that you are a trusted member of the professional marketing community.

Your trust seal will automatically display your digital certificate when prospects click it. (try it!)

Six Power-Packed Modules of Marketing Wisdom

  • Week 1 - The Four Foundations of Optimization: Learn the four foundational pillars needed to optimize your marketing results and transform revenue. Gain swift insight into exactly what to do to improve marketing results, even when a campaign is failing badly. See how today's business leaders are using these four optimization essentials to outpace their competition and attract investors, customers, clients and patients faster and easier than ever before.
  • Week 2 - The Fine Art of Attraction: Learn nineteen absolutely FREE methods for attracting hordes of new prospects, plus 40 of the best-performing scalable methods for getting your phone to ring, attracting qualified prospects to your website and booking appointments in today's highly competitive environment.
  • Week 3 - HANDSHAKE: Learn the seven systems that must be in place before you begin any marketing initiative. The handshake is the key to attracting hundreds or even thousands of qualified leads.
  • Week 4 - CULTIVATE: Learn how to leverage marketing automation to turn cold prospects into hot buyers.
  • Week 5 - UPTAKE: Learn the secrets used by top marketers to close transactions in higher numbers, and for higher dollar value.
  • Week 6 - ESCALATE: In this module, you'll learn twelve systems for increasing the lifetime value of every relationship.
  • Bonuses: (see details below). This immediately-available module reveals free tools that you can use to captivate, cultivate and convert more prospects into paying customers, clients, patients or investors.

Review the Golden Funnel Formula:

FREE Bonuses

  • Lifetime Membership Marketing Guild of America

    A $1500.00 value. Enjoy all benefits of lifetime membership in the Marketing Guild of America.

  • One-Click Lead Capture System

    Collect primary email addresses and contact details of your best prospects directly from Facebook… with a single click. Any web manager can install this powerful tool and enhance your website into a lead capture. One-Click Lead Capture.

  • Secret Handshake Lead Capture System

    Dramatically enhance online lead generation with the Secret Handshake. Any web manager can install this powerful tool and enhance your online lead gen efforts. See Details.

  • AutoNurture Marketing Automation Platform

    Receive 60 days of free use of marketing automation platform, allowing you to automatically nurture up to 500 prospects at a time. A value of $9.00 per month which we credit to your account upon activation.

  • Browser Notification System Setup

    We’ll set you up with on a platform which will enable you to freely send promotions to your best prospects.

  • Live Coaching with Benny Traub

    Enjoy weekly group coaching sessions for the duration of the course. Ask Benny your toughest marketing questions and he’ll provide the guidance. A value of $797.00 per month.

  • Golden Funnel Formula Marketing Plan

    One of the valuable outcomes of the program is a fully-developed, one-year marketing plan. Instructor Benny Traub will provide his template from the Golden Funnel Formula and you’ll customize this plan as you move through the training. Benny normally charges $12,000.00 for a customized plan such as this. You’ll be able to use this as a template for every plan you ever develop.

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Option 1 - Easy Pay

Option 2 - Save $385.00

Curriculum Overview

This certificate program prepares students for developing, or re-engineering, a modern marketing plan by leveraging new developments in the marketing mix based on Benny Traub’s ‘Golden Funnel Formula’.

Traub’s formula is based on our knowledge that people would rather do business with people they know. The strategies and tactics in the formula are designed to attract, capture and cultivate new relationships using the major digital platforms, then maximize conversions by including marketing automation to reduce manual labor and move prospects through the sales funnel with minimal effort.

The formula separates the marketing mix into five major components.

The curriculum reveals:

  • 19 absolutely free methods for attracting new prospects.
  • 6 tactics for transforming lukewarm leads into hot, sales-ready leads.
  • The big secret that world-class marketing experts use to dramatically improve their advertising results.
  • The simple, 2-step system for generating high quality leads in volume.
  • 3 risk-free advertising media that many marketers are not even aware of.
  • Much, much more.

The course also includes a foundational module which covers targeting, accountability, and conversion rate optimization.


Money Back Guarantee

Reserve your spot today and immediately start benefiting from the bonuses, marketing tools and lessons. Complete the training and exercises and finish the program risk-free. If you do the exercises and for any reason don't see a measurable improvement in results, just let us know (after completion, but within 120 days of initial enrollment). If we can't IMMEDIATELY show you how to turn up the results, we'll refund you 100%. It's as simple as calling our customer service department at 323.761.2241 or sending us a refund request email to