The time logs from TimeDoctor are used to calculate our client-invoices, and also for payroll.

Before starting work, open timedoctor desktop application and activate the timer.

See the video below for navigation tips.

If you are having tracking problems. Contact your Supervisor immediately and get it resolved asap.

Manual Time Edits

If you accidentally track time to the wrong client, or forget to turn on your time tracker, you'll need to manually edit your time at

Avoid the time tracker in the PM...

Inside the PM you'll see a button for tracking time. It is currently not integrated with Time Doctor, so don't use it.


Thankfully, we only have to give this speech to our new recruits once; Be honest with your time tracking!

TimeDoctor is used by thousands of large companies around the world, partially because it creates visibility into your work habits. For example, it takes periodic screenshots of our work. It also counts how frequently our mouse moves and our keyboard is active. (Don't worry, it does not don't track your actual keystrokes... everything is 100% secure.).

The point is, we can't get away with simply turning on our time tracker then walking away. If  clients get even a hint of impropriety, it puts our entire company at risk, so sketchy activity can never be tolerated. Don't put your future career and our reputation in jeopardy!

While tracking time, you must NOT be working on any other project or task. Not on a second computer, or second screen, or talking on the phone, or chatting with non-team members on Skype. Don't be tempted to try to game the system. Your lack of productivity will be noticed.

Be honest. If you work faithfully, you'll automatically become eligible for bonuses, raises and promotions. Your transparent hard work will pay off into a long-term opportunity which will get more financially rewarding to you the longer you are part of the team here at Student Marketing Agency.