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Free, Unlimited Site License for the Facebook One-Click Lead Capture System

License to install on any website owned by registered student


When you install this special button on your website, you'll automatically collect the contact information from any prospect who clicks it. This powerful lead capture tool results in more leads, and higher quality contact information.


  • Especially helpful for mobile users who are already logged into Facebook through a browser.
  • Faster for the user, reducing friction, resulting in more leads.
  • Eliminates spelling errors, reducing undeliverable emails.
  • Enables you to collect the prospect's primary email address for higher open rates.
  • Can also be used at networking events or tradeshows, to quickly collect contact info from people you meet.
  • More leads are captured because prospects experience less anxiety when clicking a button, as opposed to typing their contact information into a form.

This marketing tool eliminates the need for your prospects to request information from you without having to type their details into a form.

Once installed on your website, your prospects will see a button, which they are prompted to click to receive free information.

If the prospect is logged into Facebook, this application automatically retrieves and saves their contact information directly from Facebook.

Students enrolled in the Certificate Program receive this free.

You'll receive training on how to use this powerful marketing tool, as well as an unlimited License to use it on any website you own.

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