Digital Marketing Certificate Program

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Get certified in just six weeks with one lecture per week, every Thursday at 6pm. Online curriculum may be consumed at your own pace.

Digital Marketing Certificate

Graduates receive a digital Certificate for display on your Facebook page, LinkedIn page or website to inform colleagues of your achievement.

Curriculum Overview

The Digital Marketing Certificate program prepares students for developing a modern marketing plan by leveraging new developments in the digital marketing mix.

The curriculum leverages principles of relationship-marketing, high accountability and optimization.

The strategies and tactics in the system are designed to attract, capture and cultivate new relationships using the major digital platforms, then maximize conversions by including marketing automation and remarketing to reduce manual labor and move prospects through the sales funnel with minimal effort.

The curriculum unveils marketing planning theory into six modules, briefly described below.

Complete Six Modules in 6 Weeks

Module 1 - Kaizen

Creating a Foundation for Optimization

Lecture time: 120 minutes
Homework: 4-8 hours

In this foundational module you will learn the secrets of 'Kaizen', the Japanese word for 'Continuous Improvement', the true secret for long term marketing success. You will discover powerful tactics that will help you optimize your results in systematic, incremental steps.  Learn the four foundational pillars essential for optimizing your marketing results and transforming conversion rates. Gain swift insight into exactly what to do to improve marketing results, even when a campaign is failing badly. See how today's business leaders are using these optimization secrets to outpace their competition to attract more customers, clients investors, donors and patients faster and easier than ever before.

  • The four propellants of rapid growth
  • The anatomy of a success 'formula'
  • The two little-understood phases of launching a successful marketing program
  • Five 'success-factors' of every rapidly growing company
  • The 'Game-Changer' Strategy... a system for positive transformation

Module 2 - Secrets of Intake

Getting the Word Out and Generating Traffic

Lecture time: 120 minutes
Homework: 4-8 hours

In week 1 you will learn proven 'Intake' strategies, and the fine art of attraction. Discover the best ways to get the word out and attract the attention of qualified buyers in higher numbers. Discover five absolutely FREE methods for attracting hordes of new prospects, plus two of the best-performing, scalable methods for getting your phone to ring, attracting qualified prospects to your website and booking appointments in today's highly competitive environment.

  • Overview of nineteen entirely free mediums you can leverage to attract new prospects, and then dive deep into five of the best free tactics available.
  • Three, risk-free tactics which cost money, but only if they work!
  • One BIG digital marketing secret that successful marketers use to eliminate failed ad campaigns
  • The difference between 'cold' traffic and 'warm' traffic, and why you need both
  • A little-known system for generating inbound phone leads from sales-ready prospects who are ready to buy immediately
  • Receive a free copy of the instructor's proprietary media rank calculator which reveals the BEST medium for YOUR business

Module 3 - The Almighty Handshake

Identifying your Prospects so you can Follow-up

Lecture time: 120 minutes
Homework: 4-8 hours

In week 2 you will learn Handshake strategies which are essential for getting qualified prospects to respond and identify themselves (i.e. the 'handshake'). This is where most campaigns fail and Benny shows you how to master this mandatory component of lead generation and digital marketing. Discover the seven systems that you MUST put in place before you begin any marketing initiative. The handshake is the key to securing your relationship with qualified prospects who are ready to buy from you today.

  • How to identify and qualify website visitors even if they don't want to call you or fill out a form
  • The 'Secret Handshake': A little trick to get 567% more leads without spending a penny more on advertising
  • The 9696 Formula: An easy system for calculating how much money you are leaving on the table, and what you can do about it
  • Learn to redesign your 'Contact-Us' page so it actually generates inquiries from qualified prospects
  • A proven tactic for doubling the number of booked appointments with sales-ready leads
  • Eight secrets for designing landing pages - use the included checklist to train your web designer
  • Get the free 'lead bait' ranking tool which enables you to more easily decide what content to give away and what you can safely forget about creating

Module 4 - Cultivate for Maximum Conversions

Educating, Building Trust and Communicating your Value Proposition

Lecture time: 120 minutes
Homework: 4-8 hours

In week 3 you will learn Cultivation strategies which are essential to maximizing conversion rates. Research tells us that most prospects are not ready to buy immediately. This module teaches expert techniques for using lag time to build trust, educate and communicate your value proposition, positioning you and pushing you to the top of the list when prospects are finally ready to pull the trigger.

  • The best system for creating 'relationship glue' with prospects who are not yet ready to buy
  • How to harness marketing automation to generate 451% more qualified leads at 33% lower cost
  • The Boomerang Technique: Magically bring prospects back to your site (without an email address) if they leave without buying or contacting you
  • How to use social media the 'right' way, without wasting your precious time
  • Three things every prospect needs to know before they will commit
  • Four essential tools for reeling in prospects that your competitors have not yet discovered
  • The new (free!) communication technology that is outperforming email by 272%

Module 5 - Uptake

Creating the Customer and Making the First Sale

Lecture time: 120 minutes
Homework: 4-8 hours

In week 5 you will learn the secrets used by top marketers to close transactions in higher numbers, and for higher dollar value.

Topics include The secret of the 'Extra Value Proposition' (EVP) and how it multiplies conversions with almost no extra effort, How to light a fire under the prospect to get them to pull the trigger, and more.

  • The secret of the 'Extra Value Proposition' (EVP) and how it multiplies conversions with almost no extra effort
  • The two essential steps to giving sales people the ability to meet and beat quota... every month!
  • How to light a fire under the prospect to get them to pull the trigger NOW
  • Amplify trust and credibility with easy-to-create social proof
  • Discover how to automate a sophisticated follow-up system so they never forget about you... without lifting a finger

Module 6 - Escalate

Maximizing Lifetime Value of each Customer

Lecture time: 120 minutes
Homework: 4-8 hours

In week 6 we explore and learn twelve systems for increasing the lifetime value of every relationship, as well as how to create 'Drip' income that never stops, even from people who would otherwise only give you a single transaction.

  • How to create 'Drip' income that never stops, even from people who would otherwise only give you a single transaction
  • Discover the 'Referral Enhancement Program' to multiple referrals
  • 4 secrets of customer satisfaction and how to create the 'wow' factor.
  • Learn to generate income from products and services that you never have to deliver
  • The game-changing one-time-offer, (OTO) and how the instructor leverages this strategy to consistently increase revenue by 173%.

Lead Instructor

Benny Traub

Lead instructor, Benny Traub, has started fifteen companies and took two of them public. He initially retired at age 37, and returned to the marketplace seven years later to continue his passion for teaching budding marketing managers and entrepreneurs. Benny has been through the testing fires of entrepreneurship, having personally lost close to a hundred million dollars in the dot-com-bomb. He is the founder of and the American Wealth Management Association. Benny was born in Vancouver Canada in 1963, and married his lovely wife Carmen Traub in 1990. He currently resides in Florida.

Course Overview

In this course you will learn proven strategies for each stage of the digital marketing funnel.

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WARNING: Marketing is a high-risk discipline with many important variables outside your direct control, including the competitive environment and levels of demand. For this reason, many campaigns fail to produce a return on investment, particularly without a commitment to ongoing optimization. Entrepreneurial endeavors are not for the faint of heart!