Our Flagship Course:

Digital Marketing Certificate

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Neil Murrey Neil Murrey

Down to earth. Easy to follow. Very encouraging.

Lara Meekins Lara Meekins

This is excellent training for those looking to grow.

Dave Robson Dave Robson

Terrific, practical information in a business training course, all with a vibrant energetic presence! Thanks Benny!

Wilson Mathew Wilson Mathew

Be prepared for a paradigm shift.

Mike Macgrath Mike Macgrath

Hands-on & practical. Real. No bull.

Mary Teesman Mary Teesman

Excellent. Life changing.

Seal of Professionalism

Every certificate program offered by the Academy allows you to display the Academy's Certified Trust Seal on your website to enhance credibility and communicate to colleagues, clients or employers that you are a trusted member of the professional marketing community.

Your trust seal displays your digital certificate when clicked. (Click it and see!)

Certificates in Marketing

All certificate programs come with a digital version of your Marketing Certificate for display on your website.

You may also display a capture of your certificate on your Facebook page, LinkedIn page to inform colleagues of your achievement.

Your personalized, high resolution digital certificate is delivered upon course completion.

You may optionally order a printed version of your certificate for framing and display on your office wall.

*Results are a factor of the industry environment and available resources and thus vary from business to business.