Course Instructor

Benny Traub

Benny has been teaching and mentoring marketing students for over 20 years. He began lecturing at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) in 1991. In 1992 he was the keynote speaker at a business conference held at Trinity Western University. Since then he has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, helping them understand the trade secrets of marketing that Benny used himself to earn a consulting rate of $500.00 per hour in the 90's, and then rocketing him into retirement at age 37, where he remained for seven years. Benny has now returned to the marketplace to make further contributions and help other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Course Instructor
  • Marketing Consultant since 1987
  • Took two of his own companies public
  • Creator of the 'Golden Funnel Formula'
  • Married lovely Carmen, 1990
  • Wikipedia Editor
  • President, American Wealth Management Association
  • CEO, Golden Funnel Marketing