What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a webpage that you send people to when they respond to your advertising. It is where they initially ‘land’ when they click on your ad or some other external link.

Types of landing pages:

Sales page: any page that is designed to facilitate an immediate sales transaction.

Handshake page: any page that is designed to collect contact information.

Squeeze page: a specialized handshake page which is designed to maximize conversion rate. Really, all pages should be designed to maximize conversions. But a squeeze page is different in that it has a very narrow focus regarding the kind of action you want your visitors to take.

A squeeze page has limited navigation and no outgoing links. This reduction in navigation and outgoing links forces the user to either do what the marketer wants them to do, or abandon the page altogether. Thus, it is called a ‘squeeze’ page.

Aggressive marketers use squeeze pages all the time, but so do more conventional marketers, such as Facebook and AT&T.


Example of landing page for facebook, in the 'squeeze' style