How Much Money Can you Recover from your Ad Budget Without Reducing Results?

Take the Wanamaker Online Advertising Challenge and Find Out How Much you can Recover

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  • Reduced our Adwords PPC expenses by 42%, and significantly improved our conversion optimization process
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What is the Wanamaker Challenge?

The Wanamaker Challenge is a series of tests which are applied to your ad account to determine how much money from your budget can be recovered with any loss in profits.

In the early 1900's, an American merchant by the name of John Wanamaker owned a chain of department stores and was considered to be a pioneer in marketing. He advertised heavily, but believed that much of his ad budget was wasted.

Mr. Wanamaker's famous quote still lives on today;
"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;
the trouble is I don't know which half

It is possible that a healthy portion of your advertising budget can be reclaimed without any drop in ROAS, ROI or overall profit.

Take the Wanamaker Online Advertising Challenge and see how much of your ad budget can be rescued, then redirect those rescued dollars into more profitable strategies.

How to take the Wanamaker Challenge...

  • Marketing Instructor, Benny Traub, will personally oversee an optimization analysis of your digital advertising account (Google Ads or Facebook ads) to estimate how much money can be recovered without reducing results.
  • With your participation, Mr. Traub will apply his methodology to your ad account(s), resulting in immediately verifiable recovery of wasted ad dollars.
  • Your recovered ad dollars are now 'found money' and can be applied to other traffic-generation strategies.

Qualified participants in the Wanamaker Challenge can maintain any existing ad agency relationships.

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