marketing automationIt is a sad fact that the majority of the visitors to your website are not ready to take action… they won’t invest, they won’t buy, they won’t call, they won’t do a thing. Below, I reveal a solution that works consistently across most industries.

A study by Kissmetrics revealed that 96% of all website visitors are simply doing early-stage research. And because people know how to find information, they are reluctant to call with preliminary questions, at least not until they are further along in the research process.

If you do not make the effort to stay in touch, the vast majority of your prospects will NEVER come back. And since time is so precious, the only practical way to manage this follow-up process is to use marketing automation.

My favorite tools for automated follow-up are still automated-email and remarketing, however, there is a new technology on the scene which has been gaining traction. It is called the browser ‘push notification’.

A browser push notification allows you to send automated messages to your prospects, even if you do not have their email address or other contact details.

You can then invite site visitors to receive free updates from you, without surrendering their email address. Really? Yep! Most people dislike having to give away their email address and it usually takes a valuable bribe, such as an authoritative report, to incentivize an email optin. Push notifications, on the other hand, do not use email. they use the prospect’s browser to deliver your message.

In this way it is similar to remarketing. However, it is different than remarketing in that the prospect need not be on any particular website to receive your message. The messages magically appear in the prospect’s browser. They look like this:

The message of your choice pops up in the prospect’s browser, but it is unobtrusive enough that it doesn’t cause offence. Professionals in a multitude of industries are using it to lure prospects back to their website and through the conversion funnel.

Before the messages appear, you do need to get permission. You do this by displaying an offer, like this:

push notification sample optin teaser

You do your best to entice the prospect to say ‘yes’. That’s it! Once they say yes, you can then send messages en masse to everyone on the list.

The prospect can remain anonymous, so they like it. And your message gets through the clutter. According to FreeFlys, click-thru rates are around 12%. That has been my experience as well. Compare this with email… even at 20% open rate and 20% click-thru on the opens, your final click-thru on mass email is only around 4%, and sometimes less.

Push Notifications are worth testing!

I highly recommend getting yourself a free account here and giving it a try.


Author, Benny Traub, is a consultant specializing in investor-marketing since 1993. Having taken two of his own companies public, he has intimate knowledge of the regulatory requirements involved with the investor marketing process. With a 30-year marketing background, Benny is a highly specialized adviser to businesses desiring to create a direct-to-investor marketing pipeline.