By Benny Traub
Is sending out good content on a regular basis part of your marketing? If not, it should be.

But it is a lot of work, right? The video below reveals an amazing ‘traffic boomerang’ trick that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Communicating with your prospects and customers on a regular basis is a necessary component of modern marketing. This is use marketing automation and social media to generate leadshow you stay in touch when there is really nothing to say. It is how you build trust (by being consistent and authoritative). It is how you educate. It is how you never allow anyone to EVER fall between the cracks.

HOWEVER; creating content for your nurturing programs is time consuming!

Here’s a great idea that will save you time and money…

Rather than creating original content, simply find existing articles which have already been posted by someone else and point your prospects to those articles. Follow.Net does a great job of this (see example below). Using other people’s content will save you time BUT there is an obvious problem with this approach, and that is; when you send your prospects to someone else’s website, they are not on YOUR website. That means you can’t sell them anything or convert that traffic into a sales-ready lead.

turn automated marketing efforts into leads and salesStaying in touch alone is not enough. You need to be aggressive and intentional in your lead generation efforts, converting people on your lists into traffic, quotes, phone calls, appointments and sales.

Let’s not forget the point: you need a way to turn your audience into revenue!

The video below reveals a little-known secret how you can benefit from that 3rd party content and bring the traffic back around to your own offers by using a combination of hootsuite, buzzumo and

Here are some recent stats of posts I have sent out. The ‘Clicks’ are click-backs to our website from the third-party websites. As you can see, some do better than others:

‘Clicks’ are click-backs to our offers from the 3rd party websites

Below is an example newsletter by,, of leveraging 3rd party content in nurturing efforts. They do a really, REALLY good job of staying in touch, and they almost always use 3rd party content. And the articles they point to are all good, so I know they put their hearts into it. But the links are all dead ends. There is no way the prospects can engage with after the prospect clicks. Use Follow’s method (shown below), along with the trick mentioned above, and the ROI from your content marketing should noticeably improve.

Example of a newsletter which leverages third-party content;
Great newsletter, right? Now just add the traffic-boomerang trick mentioned above and your 3rd party content strategy will be pure gold!

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