Local business owners are beginning to understand the importance of tailoring their internet marketing specifically for use on smartphones for their local business success.

Although having a website has been important to many local businesses in the past, it is now important for all businesses to not just have a website, but to tailor it for consumption on a smartphone.

smart-phone-screenshotVirtually everyone uses smartphones these days, regardless of demographics. Some of it is for texting and phone calls, but much of it is to access the internet. It’s on the web that they can find the information for shopping locally right at their fingertips.

Here are three reasons to get assistance from an internet marketing firm to help you “mobilize” your marketing for your local business.

Optimize your website for smartphones

Although there is no standard size for a smartphone screen, they tend to be from four and a half to five and a half inches, diagonal. Your website must be optimized for use with this screen size range.

If your website is difficult to navigate or even somewhat unusable on a smartphone, it’s your competitor that will get the business because their website works well on a smartphone.

Optimizing your website for smartphones will keep your business competitive in an increasingly aggressive landscape.

Critical information will be included

An internet marketing firm will make sure you have not left out any pertinent information from your website. In addition, they can make sure your website has all of this information in an easy-to-find way for smartphone users.
One example of this is your operating hours. Often, a person will be near your business and want to know if you are open. A quick check on the person’s smartphone should give them the answer.

High search engine placement

When looking for a local business, a smartphone user will usually do a search. How high your business appears in search results will have a lot to do with the optimization of your website for search engines.

This takes time and skill, but an internet marketing firm can use various techniques to get your company’s site ranked high in local search results.
Technology is changing rapidly and you can no longer depend upon people driving by and seeing your business sign.

If you cannot be found with a smartphone, you don’t exist in the minds of many consumers.

Local search marketing solutions can be found with a good local internet marketing firm. You’re welcome to call us at Golden Funnel Marketing for advice on anything related to internet marketing for your business. Above all, keep yourself educated on internet marketing trends, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!