By Benny Traub

Do not make this catastrophic mistake…

Don’t make the catastrophic mistake of imagining that the online sales funnel consists only of a single step.

A single step would look like this… the prospect lands on your site, then they sign-up, buy or otherwise rush towards the purchase. That is not how it works.

There are five important steps in every successful online marketing workflow;

  • Intake
  • Handshake
  • Cultivate
  • Uptake
  • Escalate

spiral_stairsGenerating new business online is a multi-step process.

Intake is everything you do to attract quality prospects… e.g. ‘Advertising’. This is the ‘traffic’ portion, mentioned in item #1 above.

Handshake is where the prospect reaches out and identifies themselves. This might be a phone call to ask a question or to book an appointment. Or it might be your prospect filling out  form to request more information. It is essential you are very intentional about collecting contact information for the cultivation process, below.

Cultivation is the process of fostering the relationship until they are ready to buy. Studies have shown that 96% of our site visitors are not ready to buy. Rather, they are just exploring and doing research. If you are collecting contact information from your site visitors, you are are then in a position to follow-up, educate, build trust and give your prospects good reasons to do business with you.

Uptake is where you make your first sale… this that sale is dependent upon you doing a good job with the above steps… Intake, Handshake, and Cultivate.


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