By Benny Traub

1-shieldYou need a profitable, repeatable and scalable system for driving traffic to your website. The importance of scalability in this equation cannot be overstated because your rate of growth will be in direct proportion to how much quality traffic you generate. You should have at least three sources of reliable traffic in order to sustain growth in turbulent times. See my recommended traffic sources below.



You need a system for motivating a higher percentage of first-time site visitors to reach out to you and identify themselves. If they leave your site without reaching out to you, your marketing has been a waste of money. Do not rely on your phone number and contact-us form alone to do this job. (That’s what your competitors do.) You need to be more strategic. See my ‘Secret Handshake’ for ideas.


3-shieldYou need a system for automatically nurturing your site visitors until they are ready to make a decision. Most first-time site visitors are only exploring, and are not ready to put their money down. Without consistent follow-up, you’ll lose business. But once you have their contact info (see #2 above), you’ll be able to automate much of the relationship marketing. See below how automation can be used with very minimal staff time.



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